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    Digital transformation makes you alienate the business model of your company with a brand new digital strategy. We know there’s no future in disintegration and commitment, is a must.

  • We transform industries through design and technology, we are passionate to build digital experiences that matter.

    Creating tactics, developing digital tools and designing better touch points will bring your customers closer and change the way they connect with your company. The results will show by themselves.

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More About Us

Our Latest Projects.

Building City App, we have learned that the future of our region relies in the new generation of smart cities. We believe that the most attractive and fastest growing cities in 2020 will be those that embrace the need to create sustainable intelligent communities. City App connects people, content and digital innovation using a very unique technology. It integrates the ecosystem linking the private and public sector making the digital transformation available for everybody.

Our Awesome Services.

Since day one, we have worked in making projects capable to increase our clients success, to truly be useful and to make companies reach their goals. Here at tech & people we transform industries through design and technology, we are passionate to build digital experiences that matter.

Big Data

Big data allows analysts, researchers, and business users to make better and faster decisions using data that was previously inaccessible or unusable.


Blockchain is the world's leading software platform for digital assets. We are using new technology to build a radically better financial system.

Artificial intelligence

Artificial intelligence relates a natural phenomenon to an artificial analogy through computer programs.

Smart Cities

In the future everything will be connected, the refrigerator, the cars, the packages.


An industry that has the combined power of education and technology has managed to set trends along with some challenges that is set to mark its growth in the present era.


A movement where a lot of Startups want to change the way we use financial services using technology.

Who Are We.

Most industries and institutions have been in need of extreme innovation to be able to expand the reach of their products and services. The “democratization” of education, banking, transportation and politics among others have been limited for decades due to the lack of distribution solutions.

Our Process.

But today products, services and organizations are being completely redesigned using technology and data. Market expansion, product distribution, pricing, quality assurance, all these challenges can be addressed using new technologies. It’s called Digital Transformation.

Our Approach.

We work with early-stage businesses, because we find they're more willing to go along with bold thinking. We've been lucky, though, to find some big names willing to take risks. We also invest time creating products for ourselves and the world. Whoever we're working with, we create with passion. Sound good? Let's talk.

Our Goal.

Generating wealth and impacting communities are possible through digital transformation. That is why we exist.

Our Mission.

We have learned that the future of our region relies in the new generation of entrepreneurs, innovators and mobilizers of digital transformation in companies, startups and ecosystems.

Meet Our Team.

Andre Golabek


Co-founder of VENQIS, a successful Strategic Communication firm based in Panama with offices in DR and Europe. Andre has over 20 years of experience in Investment Banking with comprehensive experience in M & A, Turnaround and Private Equity. Partner of Atarazana Labs.

Amalia Jianu


Romanian entrepreneur & consultant. 10 year professional career working in integrated communications and political marketing. Currently focused on directing political campaigns, developing political leadership, turning around institutions and developing Latin American communities through VENQIS and Atarazana Labs.

Onil Pereyra


CTO & Cofounder at InstaCarro.com, CEO and cofounder at Cuyaya, Inc., SVP of product and CTO at FJ Labs LLC, Advisor at; RavnApp, Rebbag, Edupass, Spaze App and IBAN Wallet, General Partner at Atarazana Labs, IoT, AI and Blockchain Expert, BS Electrical Engineering, Msc. Universite Du Quebec, MBA, Forbes 30 2017.

Sameer Maskey


Sameer Maskey is the Founder and CEO of a New York-based startup that is building state of the art Artificial Intelligence platform for customer service automation using natural language processing (NLP) and machine learning. He has more than 15 years of experience in NLP/machine learning/data science.

  • "Tech and People has been a key partner in our product development efforts. With their help we were able to learn about job seeker behaviors and incorporate into our platform."

    Author image
    Antonio Doe CEO, Education Investment Fund.
  • "It is rare to find a technology solution that can so quickly and efficiently be implemented to drive real results. We have experienced outstanding initial success with Tech and People and look forward to continuing our work together."

    Author image
    Dennis Doe CEO, Best Bank.

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A number of social, economic, and technological trends will work together to disrupt mobility, potentially creating three new urban models by 2030. technology should adapt to our habits, not viceversa.

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