• Say hello to Tech and People. We create digital disruptions with Big Data platforms.

    We embarked on a journey to create a unique and powerful statement of value to clients summed in three simple phrases - Business Impact Created, Predictability in Execution, and Unique Client Experiences.

  • We transform different industries through design and technology.

    Creating tactics, developing digital tools and designing better touch points will bring your customers closer and change the way they connect with your company.

  • We are passionate to build digital experiences that matter. Get in touch to discuss how we can help you.

    Your company will run smoothly and processes that seemed bureaucratic and chaotic will disappear to make room to innovation, new possibilities and happiness in the workplace.

More About Us

Our Latest Projects.

Building the City App, we have learned that the future of our region relies in the new generation of smart cities. We believe that the most attractive and fastest growing cities in 2020 will be those that embrace the need to create sustainable intelligent communities using Big Data. City App connects people, content and digital innovation using a very unique technology. It integrates the ecosystem linking the private and public sector making the digital transformation available for everybody.

Our industries.

Since day one, we have worked in making projects capable to increase our clients success, to truly be useful and to make companies reach their goals. Here at tech & people we transform industries through design and technology, we are passionate to build digital experiences that matter.


Big data in finance industry helps business users to gain better insights from the collected financial data and determines the meaning of data; thus assisting them in transforming their industry to a new entire new level. Predictive analytics helps in predicting any fraudulent activity in the future.


Insurance is driven by data. Data is fast becoming one of the most valuable asset for any organization. The insurance industry is no different; how carriers identify, quantify, place, and manage risk is all predicated on the volume and quality of data they acquire during a policy’s lifecycle.

Transportation and logistics

Big Data enhanced Telematics can increase driver and fuel-cost efficiencies based on historical performance and predictive calculations. Today’s Telematics platforms provide valuable insights that support proactive, rather than reactive decision making due to access to real time data.


Big Data solutions have been used to detect health issues and life-threatening diseases. Help your patients improve their health by using Big Data. By applying predictive and descriptive methodologies, our Data Scientists can help you predict such diseases at an early stage and increase the chances of successful treatment.

HR and Talent Management

Big Data-powered Mobile Apps have a lot of potential to improve the candidate experience. Our engineers can build real-time interaction to candidates by asking questions based on the job requirements and providing feedback, updates, and next-step suggestions.

Food and Beverage

Improve your company’s self-service capabilities with automatic speech detection and advanced question answering engines. Our experienced engineers can build engaging, personalized Mobile Apps to improve your customers’ experience.

Who Are We.

Most industries and institutions have been in need of extreme innovation to be able to expand the reach of their products and services. The “democratization” of education, banking, transportation and politics among others have been limited for decades due to the lack of distribution solutions.

Our Process.

But today products, services and organizations are being completely redesigned using technology and data. Market expansion, product distribution, pricing, quality assurance, all these challenges can be addressed using new technologies. It’s called Digital Transformation.

Our Approach.

We work with businesses willing to go along with bold thinking. We've been lucky, though, to find some big names willing to take risks. We also invest time creating products for ourselves and the world. Whoever we're working with, we create with passion. Sound good? Let's talk.

Our Goal.

Generating wealth and impacting communities are possible through digital transformation. That is why we exist.

Our Mission.

We have learned that the future of our region relies in the new generation of entrepreneurs, innovators and mobilizers of digital transformation in companies, startups and ecosystems.

Meet Our Team.

Andre Golabek


Co-founder of VENQIS, a successful Strategic Communication firm based in Panama with offices in DR and Europe. Andre has over 20 years of experience in Investment Banking with comprehensive experience in M & A, Turnaround and Private Equity. Partner of Atarazana Labs.

Amalia Jianu


Romanian entrepreneur & consultant. 10 year professional career working in integrated communications and political marketing. Currently focused on directing political campaigns, developing political leadership, turning around institutions and developing Latin American communities through VENQIS and Atarazana Labs.

Onil Pereyra


Co-founded Instacarro.com and co-led it to ~US$100M in revenue runrate, creating the largest C2B car marketplace in Brazil. SVP at Fuse Machines. Founder and Partner at Atarazana Labs. BS Electrical Engineering, magna cum laude, Master in science in Universite Du Quebec (3.99/4.0 GPA), INTEC MBA, Forbes 30 2017.

Sharlyn Rodriguez


Senior level executive with extensive experience in cross-functional international business and significant knowledge in all aspects of account development, management, strategy, product launch management and product placement. Extensive history of winning new business, identifying opportunities and delivering record-setting sales.

  • "Tech and People has been a key partner in our product development efforts. With their help we were able to learn about job seeker behaviors and incorporate into our platform."

    Author image
    Antonio Caparrós Managing Partner, INICIA Educación
  • "It is rare to find a technology solution that can so quickly and efficiently be implemented to drive real results. We have experienced outstanding initial success with Tech and People and look forward to continuing our work together."

    Author image
    Juan Bautista Vicini Partner, INICIA

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Digital experience, digital transformation, mobile first, customer experience – these are the modern imperatives of our day. We can help you to map your customer’s unique journey and leverage data to predict behavior and deliver superior experiences across channels.

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